Toddler Best Friends Embrace Like They Haven’t Seen Each Other for Years When It’s Only Been 2 days

The video of two BFFs running towards each other captured the internet’s heart;

I have no idea how to make things go viral, for those that do……please share. This is just so beautiful. Finnegan + Maxwell= BESTIES!!! If we could all be like this. 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍 @2_puggles_anda_baby O, The Oprah Magazine Oprah Winfrey The Today's Show best topic of the day NBC New York TheEllenShow

Posted by Michael D Cisneros on Sunday, September 8, 2019

Michael Cisneros, who is Maxwell’s father, shared the amazing video. Maxwell and his friend Finnegan couldn’t stand two days apart, which they obviously thought was too long to spend without your BFF.

After only two days, Besties Maxwell and Finnegan missed each other a lot

Cisneros said the two children were “inseparable” to ABC News and knew each other for a year.

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